Stock up for your jubilee picnic or party!

by Crumpled Dog 29. May 2012 09:52

Come to Euphorium Bakery for all your jubilee party goodies - sandwiches, cakes, savouries, drinks and much, much more...!


The Queen's Jubilee is coming!

by Euphorium Bakery 21. May 2012 12:29

All Euphorium Bakery fans!

The weather has brightened up and the country is in celebratory summer mood for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, starting on the weekend of the 2nd June.

Let's celebrate in typical Euphorium Bakery style!

We will be creating Euphorium's take on Eccles cakes and traditional Lardy Cake, as well as a fancy version of everyone's favourite the 'Right Royal' Victoria sponge.

Watch this space for other news of our special baked goods and other summer food treats - Euphorium Bakery really is -

The Best of British Baking...

Queen's Jubilee


The weather this week is frightful, but Euphorium is so delightful...

by Euphorium Bakery 19. April 2012 12:58

Let it rain, let it rain...  We have a superb range of baked treats, sandwiches and hot and cold drinks - come inside!


Delicious Easter Holiday Treats

by Euphorium Bakery 3. April 2012 13:07

Euphorium Bakery love the history of the Simnel Cake:

Simnel cake is a light fruit cake, covered in marzipan, then toasted and eaten during Easter. A layer of marzipan is also baked into the middle of the cake. On the top of the cake, around the edge, are eleven marzipan balls said to represent the true disciples of Jesus; Judas is omitted.

The word Simnel comes from the Latin word Simila which means fine wheaten flour, from which the cake was traditionally made.

Order one now along with all your other Easter Bakery treats...

8" round Simnel Cake / £22 / will feed approximately 12 people


Flour, Butter, Brown sugar, Eggs, Cinnamon, Orange and Lemon peel, Raisins, Currants and of course, Marzipan.


Mum's the Word

by Euphorium Bakery 14. March 2012 17:10

Why not treat her to a heart shaped white or dark chocolate Marquis or fruitful Fraiser with a "Happy Mother's Day" message (available on the day for £28). Or even a personalised message if you order in advance. 

Just call in at one of our 7 stores and ask a member of staff to show you our beautiful printed portfolio with full colour photos and a helpful size chart. Or call your local branch to order by phone. (click for branch contact numbers)

(See a pdf of our full cake selection here)


Don't forget we've created a huge range of cakes and tarts for every occasion

by Crumpled Dog 15. February 2012 17:53

Call in at one of our 7 stores to order a cake or tart for that special occasion - or simply to spoil someone in your life! Ask a member of staff to show you our beautiful printed portfolio with full colour photos and a helpful size chart.

(See our full cake selection here)


Valentines - a beautiful cake in the shape of your heart...

by Euphorium Bakery 10. February 2012 10:12

Treat your loved one to a personalised heart shaped Fraiser, crammed with seductive strawberries, a Chantilly cream coating on a delicious light vanilla sponge. 

Or perhaps you'd prefer a naughty white and dark chocolate Marquis also available in a heart shape. Both are available from your local Euphorium branch - order one right now to avoid disappointment!

Heart shaped Fruitful Fraisiers and Chocolate Marquis only £30 each. (See our full cake selection here)

Last orders accepted Monday 12.00 midday. Or ask on the day if you're feeling lucky.


Euphorium inspires the poet in our customers!

by Euphorium Bakery 24. January 2012 09:57

The following excerpt is from a poem written by one of our customers who visited the Belsize Park Euphorium Bakery several times over Christmas whilst staying in London with her son. She has promised to include it in her next poetry book, which will be sold to raise money for her local hospital. We'll blog again when it is published...


I find shelter from the wind and rain

In the Euphorium bakery and cafe

Of London's Belsize park

Tempted by captivating cakes

Tantalising apple tarts

The smell of freshly baked artisan bread

An iconic warm croissant with melted butter

Enticed me in here today

I order a cup of coffee

Served with a large dash of charm and style

By an eastern European called Elena

I wish she had time to tell me her story


Suzanne Kelsey, Euphorium Customer 


Sumptuous salads

by Euphorium Bakery 5. January 2012 12:09

Delve into our sumptuous salads for a refreshing start to the New Year. Tasty combinations include Smoked Mackerel and Horseradish, Parma Ham with Cherry Tomato and Orange, Parma Ham with Quails Eggs and Relish to name a few...

See our special boards in your local branch for more details.


Come in and 'Taste the Magic' with Euphorium

by Euphorium Bakery 14. December 2011 16:15

Pendants £2.45 & Gingerbread men £2.95

Beautiful ornaments for your xmas tree, so good you can eat them! Handmade with stem ginger, fresh cinnamon, dutch butter, Demerara brown sugar, eggs and farmhouse golden syrup.

Xmas Puddings £8.95

This year’s Christmas pud is a classic moist English model, with ten-year-old Somerset Cider Brandy and award-winning Port Stout, creating a truly indulgent pudding which is both light in texture and rich in flavour.

Mighty Mince Pies £1.60 (a box of 6) £8.95

Sweet butter shortcrust pastry, homemade filling (rum soaked sultanas, spices, citrus zest) creating melt in the mouth, deeply filled pies with fruity luxury mincemeat bursting with juicy sultanas, Vostizza currants, raisins, glacé cherries and lashings of somerset brandy and award winning port.

Our Star Stollen £8.95

A traditional, German, loaf-shaped fruit cake, with nuts and spices, delicately dusted with sugar. Especially prepared and eaten during the Christmas season.

We've created a mix that is cakey and crumbly rather than breadlike, distinguishing it from many imported stollen you'll find on sale in food halls. A truly delicious European treat with a British twist.

Xmas Biscuits gift bags £5.95

Lebkuchen were invented by Medieval monks in Franconia, Germany in the 13th century. Today the product is known as Nürnberger Lebkuchen. Our cookies are inspired by these ancient recipes but are of course made with the usual Euphorium panache - come in and check them out!

Xmas Cake £18.95

A rich dark cake made from 75% fruit - baked with love and matured for a month on the premises.

Available to purchase or pre-order in-store at your local Euphorium Bakery NOW! Or pre-order via email